committed, Elizabeth Gilbert

"All men & all women are mostly the same , most of the time" she clarified " Everybody knows that this is true." P.42

That our very job description as spouses was to be each other's everything. P.49

"So this transformation of marriage from a business deal to a badge of emotional affection has weakened the institution considerably overtime, because marriages based on love are, as it turns out, just as fragile as love itself." P.80

"Sometimes life is too hard to be alone & sometimes life is too good to be alone" p.81

""Anything that heart has chosen for its own mysterious reasons , can always un-choose again for its own mysterious reasons" p.81

"May be the difference between the first marriage & the second one that in the second time at least you know you are gambling" p.83

"Infatuated lovers, just like junkie, will go to unhealthy, humiliating & even physical dangerous lengths to procure their narcotic" p.99

Freud defined infatuation "The overvaluation of the object" p.101

Goethe:"When two people are really happy about one another , one can generally assume they are mistaken"

( "Respect" from Latin word "Respicere" which means "To gaze at" which means that you actually see the person who is standing next to you.) p.102


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