مدونة حكايات فريدة

One of a kind

Dear Brother,
I am writing you to tell you that I am the one who is so proud of you
I am also writing to you, because this is what your elder sister does in her life, "writing".

 Nowadays I am too emotional and want to write something for everyone I loved!!

I can never stop trying to express thoughts and knowledge through words, and I publish what I write because I believe that if only one person can learn something by reading my words, I will always write for the possibility of reaching that one person.

It is a responsibility to have a gift, and I have been gifted, and I will appreciate that, till my death. I try daily to learn something new and write down at least one thing and this is my secret, my dearest brother, this is what made you feel proud of me.

I am proud of you too for my own reasons.

 You are a different human being and people pay a high price when they are different; Most of times different may simply means " unacceptable".

It is a hard life struggle to be different or misunderstood, and I have been there with you in most of your life phases to know that.

 Although sometimes you didn't act right but in all times you kept what is genuine in you.

You still the kind, clear and honest person I know, you still good to people and never tried to harm a person intentionally.

In my opinion the man who has the required honesty to avoid so hard harming any one and try to be responsible for his own choices in life, is a man with dignity.

It is a huge thing my dear, to have dignity in life.

I will keep my respect to you as long as you can keep these precious manners.

You are also independent and strong in a surprising way; Most of men would fail to have your stability in the same circumstances!

I can always count on you as a real man, for those facts.

It is a bless to have some one like you as a friend not only a brother.

If I can ask you for one more thing, it would be asking you to learn more.

If you want to do, it will be great, because knowledge is the only real fortune that you can have anywhere.

Money! is nothing , you can lose it, no matter what !

Health is something we can't always manage!

Your name is just an identity and the way you look is a useless benefit.

Learn as much as you can if you have the time and effort for that.

As for me, I promise you that I will learn and will live my life as modest as I can be, even if I gained great fame or respect. I will always be the woman who knows that in order to be a good teacher you must be a good student.

Yes dear, to be able to teach you have to learn, and most of times you learn through teaching. I am a writer and that's mean that I am only a good vehicle for the knowledge I gain.

No pride, no vanity or ego, no matter what!
They are the first steps down.

If I ever forget that, for any stupid reason, simply remind me by showing me this letter.

Because I count on you, I see you very well and know you enough to count on you.

To respect you enough to trust you, is amazing gift, keep it.

Thank you


أحمد سلامــة said...

its about enjoying learning
not learning enjoyment
smart message/article
God bless u all

ديدي said...

بوست رائع ودافيء ربنا يخليكم لبعض ومتتحرموش من بعض أبداً ، ودايماً مكملين بعض
إستمتعت جداً وكل مره آجي عندك بستمتع(:-تحياتي ومودتي

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