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An interview in “3ain” newspaper on 26 April 2012

Amira El Sherbiny “Emancipation“is a journey from skepticism to faith.

From blogs and the e-publishing world, she breaks into another world which is not far. The only difference was her pen name, in the first world it was “Farida Saad” while in the second it is “Amira El Sherbiny”.But finally she’s still the same person that we asked about publishing her first novel, which was recently released and titled "Emancipation ".

Amira, introduce yourself.
By profession I am a pharmacist. I’ve loved reading and writing since I was a kid, and still do to this day. All my life I have been writing, starting with my thoughts and short stories attempts. Six years ago, I had a blog under the name of “Farida’s Tales” which means “Unique Tales” .Through the experience of blogging I progressed to writing articles and publishing them electronically and in the press; then I completed my first fiction work under the name of "Emancipation", it was published in 2012.

Talk about your novel.
The novel is about a woman in her thirties. I tried to show, through her love life and the stories that surround her, the social and political conditions of my generation, as well as my thoughts about love, marriage, and other personal issues.

Is it a personal novel?
No, it is not personal; maybe the reader will think so because I presented the novel in the format of “the protagonist narrator”; as the heroine is the narrator. Some readers have asked me if I was talking about myself, but no, it is fiction.

But there are some similarities between you and the heroine of your novel.
Yes, that’s true, but it is not an autobiography. The self is generally one of the author’s tools, either by displaying a character that is close to her own, or hidden behind introducing her personal ideology in the voice of one of her heroes.  But autobiography is a different thing, and in my personal opinion it must be announced as a biography, for the benefit of the reader from the experience of the writer, and I really respect this kind of literature if it is neutral and honest.

Why did you consciously make the hero anonymous, didn't you fear that this mystery may be boring to the reader?
On the contrary, this mystery raises the curiosity of the readers. The protagonist was not anonymous, only his name was unknown, the name of the heroine as well. I have deliberately done this because I believe that their love story is similar to the stories of many others, so no matter if the names are changed, still the doubt is what leads to the failure of love and the failure of any relationship, whatever its characterization.

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